What’s Similar Between Holi and Wharton Experience


There are a few things from my childhood that prepared me for the competitive environment at Wharton. Celebrating Holi as a kid who grew up with 10 cousins was one of them! Now that I am Wharton, I can reflect back how my Holi experiences were similar to being at Wharton. My top three are:

1. Preparing ahead for Holi is key just like pre-reading your cases for class

Holi can be immensely competitive. Before the big day, I would stay up late to fill water Balloons, test run the water guns and create small packs of colors that I could hide in different pockets. You don’t want to be in a water balloon fight and then fall short of balloons or not have a working water gun.

2. Confidence and good attitude go a long way in a water fun fight just like with recruiting at Wharton

When you are surrounded by enemies with water guns and they are attacking non-stop with water, colors and everything they have got, good attitude and resilience is very important. You need to pull yourself out of the situation and fight back harder (reach for you secret stash of small color packs that you created!). You need to be confident with your water balloon aims and color strategy.

3. Don’t forget to take care of yourself the day before Holi just like at Wharton you need to pay attention to your personal life

Everything about Holi is pure fun- great time with family and friends is guaranteed. But you need to prepare yourself for the festival. You need to nourish your skin properly so that color comes off easily, not eat a lot the day before so that you can consume all the goodness and you need to make sure that you communicated your love to your friends and family before going into the Holi war zone.

It’s a festival of colors but what I love the most about this festival is that it brings people together without inhibitions of age, gender and race. Looking forward to celebrate with our new family here! Happy Holi :)


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