Welcome to Wharton from the WGA President

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Dear future Wharton Class of 2018 classmates,

Let me be one of the very, very many to welcome you to Wharton! (You’ll hear that a lot of this weekend and, trust me, it never really gets old.) We’re really psyched to give you a glimpse of what life is like at the best darned place on earth this weekend and hope you’re excited too.

So, you’re probably wondering what to expect. I know that’s what I was thinking a year ago, sitting on the 6am bus down from NYC, sipping a cup of coffee and desperately hoping the bus driver would avoid the potholes (he didn’t ☹). Regardless of whether you arrive at Huntsman covered in coffee, you are about to meet some of the most accomplished, passionate, and humble people in the world—your future classmates. Yes, it may seem intimidating to meet so many charming and compelling people all at once, but don’t worry. Given how awesome you must be if Maryellen Lamb and the admissions team selected you, we’re confident you’ll fit right in.

To help you make the most of the whirlwind that is Welcome Weekend, here are a few tips:

  1. Be Yourself! Welcome Weekend is a magical place where you might find your next roommate (I did! hi Jamie!), meet your future co-founder, or make a new best friend (or just develop a high school crush). Go ahead and introduce yourself to your fellow classmates. They’re just as excited to get you as you are to get to know them.
  2. Ask Questions! Seek out current students, whether Welcome Committee members, Student Life Fellows or, honestly, anyone you can get your hands on. Find out how people spend their spare time, pull together the perfect 90s Party outfit in less than 48 hours (two words: Amazon Prime), manage to travel what seems like every weekend, and juggle board positions in 4+ clubs. We’re here to answer your tough questions so go ahead and ask!
  3. Say Yes! More than any other school, Wharton encourages you to take risks and challenge yourself. Whether it’s joining Dance Studio and performing on stage in front of hundreds of your cheering classmates or sharing your personal successes and failures with your P3 team, Wharton will stretch you in ways you couldn’t imagine. Get a taste of that experience this weekend by saying “yes” to the Friday evening cocktail hour, small group dinner and Ritz-Carlton soiree. Just do it.

With that, I’ll let you get back to the great weekend you have ahead of you. Welcome to the best two years of your life and, once more for good measure, welcome to Wharton. (See! Never gets old!)

Abby Stewart WG’17

President, Wharton Graduate Association