He Said She Said – Starting a New Life in the US



  1. The first thing that attracted me to her was her smile. Daniela has the superpower of making anyone feel warm inside just with her genuine and open-hearted kindness.
  1. On our first date I was nervous about dancing. On our first date we went out for sushi and later on to a dance club, and I was terrified she would immediately turn me down for having two left feet on the dance floor. The good news was that she didn’t notice and I was able to maintain my horrible skills a secret for longer. The bad news was that she would go on to discover how bad I was at our wedding.
  1. I knew I was in love when Daniela cooked for me for the first time. Nothing says love better than an amazing StrogaDani (that’s what I call Daniela’s version of the Brazilian-style Stroganoff). The problem is every time we hold a small group dinner at our place, all our guests fall in love with her too.
  1. My first thought about moving to the US was that we needed to buy Daniela a BIG coat. Daniela blames her allegedly “thin” skin for making even Brazilian winters huge nightmares for herself (NB: our winters are seldom below 60o F). Booth never stood a chance with us.
  1. My first reaction on the Wharton admit was realizing our life was about to change significantly. We were getting married, moving to another country, leaving friends, family and our jobs behind, taking on debt in (probably the worst) downturn of the Brazilian economy. A lot was happening at the same time, but it didn’t scare me. Instead, all I could feel was excitement to embark on this amazing journey with the best partner I could ask for.
  1. The most difficult thing about moving to the US has been being away from family. Daniela and I are very connected to our parents and siblings, and the distance is a real challenge.
  1. Something new I learnt about her after moving here is that she runs a tight ship at home. On the flipside, I can say that the MBA experience has given me much more than business skills. I am now a professional dish-washer, bed-maker, house-cleaner, appliance-fixer, and even the occasional cook.
  1. After MBA I see us back in Brazil building a family together.  I often catch myself picturing how our future home would look like. Daniela is in the kitchen, of course, experimenting new ideas for her own 3 Michelin star restaurant menu. The kids and I are down in the garage playing rock music together and eagerly awaiting lunch time.



  1. The first thing that attracted me to him was his intelligence combined with his humbleness.
  1. On our first date I was nervous about whether he ate Japanese food when we out for sushi. Coming from a Japanese family, I know that that could have been a deal breaker!
  1. I knew I was in love when after some weeks of telenovela-style drama, we first kissed. I know it is very cliché, but it is totally true in my case. I didn’t hurt that he also serenaded me by playing my favorite songs on the guitar.
  1. My first thought about moving to the US was:  Yay!! Shopping! I’m finally getting the kitchen of my dreams.  
  1. My first reaction on his Wharton admit was excitement and pride. I was absolutely sure he was going to make it to Wharton but I couldn’t be happier and more proud of him.
  1. The most difficult thing about moving to the US has been trying to maintain my weight. For as hard as I try, I can’t lose my extra pounds here. Philadelphia’s amazing food scene hasn’t helped a lot with that mission of mine.
  1. Something new I learnt about him after moving here is that he can actually cook when he wants! It took almost five years, four different apartments, in two different countries before I could actually see him in our kitchen doing anything on a stove top.
  1. After his MBA I see us slowing down our travelling – who knew the MBA experience would take us to 7 different countries in less than a year (!) – and developing new stay-at-home skills (let’s say growing our family).