Class Gift 2017 – Pay It Forward!


Hello WG17! By now, you’ve hopefully seen the posters around campus asking you to donate to the 2017 Class Gift. If, like me, you’ve loved your time here at Wharton, then I would strongly encourage you to donate to The Wharton Fund through this year’s Class Gift.

 What is The Wharton Fund?

The Wharton Fund is distinct from Wharton’s endowment. The Wharton Fund provides unrestricted financial support that offsets the costs of what the endowment and our tuition do not cover, and allows Wharton to invest in areas of opportunity as they arise. The endowment, on the other hand, is a restricted fund – Wharton can only spend 5% of it annually and it can only be used for the purpose the donor originally agreed to contribute towards.

Why should I donate to The Wharton Fund?

You’re probably asking – “Why, with all the tuition I’ve paid, should I give Wharton more of my money?” Well, there are three compelling reasons:

1) Pay it forward to future generations of Wharton MBAs.

Many of the amazing experiences we have had at Wharton have been supported by The Wharton Fund. These include: Student Life programming (remember Cluster Olympics?!), Leadership Ventures, Executive Coaching, GIPs, GMCs, SSF, even the basic infrastructure we take for granted (2401, JMHH, SHDH) – the list goes on. So without the generosity of previous generations of Wharton alumni, a lot of the terrific things we’ve all been able to do here would not have been possible. Likewise, future generations of Whartonites deserve the same opportunity, which is why we should pay it forward by donating to the 2017 Class Gift.

2) Tuition only gets you halfway there.

Believe it or not, our tuition fees only pay for about half of Wharton’s costs. Therefore, Wharton relies on The Wharton Fund and donations from alumni in order to help fund the rest and keep providing the incredible experiences mentioned above!

3) Help preserve the brand value of Wharton long after you graduate.

Wharton was just announced as the #1 MBA program in the U.S. We want to ensure that it continues to be recognized as a top business school capable of offering a wealth of exciting programming for its students – and this requires the support of The Wharton Fund, a Wharton mainstay that finances our school’s core operations and competitive advantages. Let’s help keep the brand strong long after we graduate by donating to The Wharton Fund via the Class Gift. #Wharton17Forever!

Still need more convincing?

All right, if you won’t listen to me, how about some of your (way more reputable) classmates:

Abby Stewart: “I gave to pay it forward.”

Ben Allen: “After learning how The Wharton Fund supported my personal growth and MBA experience, I decided to commit to a lifetime of giving back.”

Dimia Fogam: “Student Life programming has been absolutely integral to my Wharton experience, and I want to help preserve and grow it for future classes by giving to The Wharton Fund.”

Matthias Gerg: “A Wharton MBA works like an intergenerational contract – former classmates have done so and thus I want to give back to future generations.”

Paulina Alcantara: “I decided to donate, because Student Life has been a key component to the amazing experience I have had at Wharton and I want to pay it forward! #Wharton17Forever!”

I’m convinced! How can I donate?

Visit or text “empower” to 41444.

What’s our goal?

We are driving for 100% participation by our Class of 2017, with a suggested donation of $50 – but ultimately, contribute whatever amount you’re comfortable with. The WG’16 Class Gift had 91% participation, while Wharton EMBAs have had 100% participation for 11 straight years – let’s see if we can beat them!

Thank you!

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