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Philadelphia’s Green Hour now at Time

Place: Time Whiskey Bar Address:  1315 Sansom Street Rating: 2.5 out of 4 Bottom line: The ideal choice for a few pre-dinner beverages or a boozy but low-key catch up. The absinthe is best enjoyed with a veteran drinking buddy or two. The venue can feel a bit hectic at times given the multiple rooms

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Manayunk Spotlight: The Goat’s Beard

I’ve heard that when Wharton students want to go on a secret date (god forbid someone sees you playing footsie with that guy from your cohort at Pub & Kitchen), they go to Old City.  Well folks, I have a new suggestion for you: MANAYUNK. Founded many moons ago, the town’s name is derived from

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Cocktail Review: Bar Emmanuelle

  Place: Bar Emmanuelle Address: Hancock and Germantown Avenue Rating: 3 out of 4 Bottom line: A well-crafted menu with fairly priced drinks ($10 – $15).The perfect place for some classy inebriation. A cozy yet compact lounge, Emmanuelle is best enjoyed with a smaller group.  We arrived at the corner of Hancock and Georgetown, but I


How to Get Your Fill of Spook

Yes, we are in business school – doing important things such as acing that MGEC final, managing to grab a room at Breckinridge and remembering to dress all spiffy for the EIS’s. But life is not complete without a little terror, so make sure you get yours this Halloween. Philadelphia presents an impressive array of

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The Night at the Museum: Stay Classy, Wharton

At Wharton, we passionately believe that knowledge is the muscle of business. But as the 2012 -2013 academic year comes to a close, many of us are fondly adding a twist to our favorite mantra: “knowledge and community are the muscle of business.” This mantra came to life on a Wednesday evening in mid-March when