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A Case for Diversity and Inclusion in the Wharton Classroom

A Case for Diversity and Inclusion in the Wharton Classroom

“If I had a son, I would insist that he get a pre-nup agreement,” my Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship professor stated last semester during a class on protecting your assets. What did this statement imply? Lacking any further context, this implied to me that: 1) If the professor had a son, presumably his wife (or

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[All] Lives (Should) Matter

I want to look all children in the eye and tell them their humanity is valued and their worth, immeasurable. I want to be right when I tell them they can do anything and only their wildest imaginations are the limit. But tragically, as a descendant of African slaves, I have not always felt that

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FRP Archetypes

The dust is settling. Wharton’s official “Focused Recruiting Period” has ended. Whether recruiting for consulting, finance, technology, CP&G, or none of the above, we were all focused on a mission. Some walked away with multiple offers; others with that ever-important, one offer. Some may be still waiting, and others are in regrouping mode as they


How to Get the Most Out of Welcome Weekend

Dear future Wharton Class of 2018 MBA candidates, Congratulations! If you are reading this, it is because you are an impressive, committed, and ambitious professional who is excited about coming to Wharton in August. (That, or you’ve hacked into a WG18 admit’s email account. Well done, we should talk!) As many of us at Wharton