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Immersion in the MENA Region Without Leaving Wharton

Immersion in the MENA Region Without Leaving Wharton

The 2016 MENA Conference took place on Saturday April 9, 2016, a day when Philadelphia finally enjoyed a beautiful snowfall after an almost snowless winter. In some countries, snow on a special day like weddings or birthdays means good luck. This omen definitely materialized in the case of the 2016 MENA Conference – the highlight

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Building Community at the Club: An Insider’s Recap of WAAAM’s 5th Annual Las Vegas Mixer

WAAAM (Wharton Association of Asian-American MBAs) may be known on campus as a club that hosts some great banquets – but its flagship event is the annual Las Vegas Inter-MBA Mixer event, where students from top MBA programs come together for a weekend-long networking & party experience in Las Vegas. Last year’s event included visits


Here’s What You Missed at the Dance Studio 2016

The Wharton Journal looks back at Dance Studio’s Spring Show 2016 through Photography Club’s lenses. On Wednesday, 350+ Wharton Students and partners performed to a sold out Annenberg in an amazing display of costumes, colors and choreographies. Hip Hop with Kathy Hou Contemporary/Ballet with Julianne McGee Bachata/Salsa with Brian Vo & Lali Merino Bollywood Fusion

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Q&A with Your WGA Candidates

What specific parts of the student experience (across student life, academics, careers, etc.) have gone well, and are areas into which you would put more resources as the WGA Executive Board? Between classes, recruiting, extracurriculars, and friends and family, Wharton students have a lot to manage. We think that pre-term and a recruiting-free first quarter



In his acclaimed, landmark book Give and Take, Wharton Professor Adam Grant breaks down 3 broad categories of people with very different reciprocity styles – Takers, Matchers, and Givers. He then discusses how each reciprocity style affects one’s personal and professional prospects, gradually building an argument for why we should all give more. First, a


Jack Welch: Unfiltered

Feisty and opinionated, Jack and Suzy Welch took to the Authors@Wharton stage to tell us what we really need to know to succeed in business. Jack Welch spent twenty years at the helm of GE; his wife Suzy attended a business school slightly to the north, is a Bain alum, and the former editor-in-chief of

Mask You Live In

Masculinity Under the Microscope

For several years, the MBA Program Office and WWIB have been screening Miss Representation, Jennifer Siebel Newsome’s 2011 film exploring the portrayal of women in mainstream media. Until this year, with the active participation of the 22s and others, male attendance at the screenings has been sparse at best. So when upwards of 120 registered