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The Wharthog Redemption – Wharton Learns the True Meaning of Rugby

The Wharthog Redemption – Wharton Learns the True Meaning of Rugby

By Eoghan Sheehy (WG’16, participant), Ben Peskoe (WG’16 participant), Ben Vinograd (JD/MBA‘18, Rugby President)   To the surprise of none, 50+ members of Wharton Men’s Rugby team found themselves in prison during a spring break trip to Argentina. Only 5 hours after arriving in the country, we were inside the walls of Unidad Penitenciaria N°


Spring Break in Korea

Sungwoo Chung (WG 17, organizer) – “Leading a trek to a success” Based on my personal experience as a trek organizer this time, I learned that there are three key elements to make a trek successful. First is to build a well-balanced travel plan; e.g. being touristic vs. being local. ‘Korean BBQ’, ‘Karaoke’, and ‘Shopping

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15 Thoughts You Have While Doing FRP

During my time in consulting, I had to make many “customer journey maps.” These essentially outline the experience of a single person throughout an entire journey. I cannot think of a more entertaining and emotional journey than FRP, so I started to outline these thoughts people all share.   The private equity recruiter shows the

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WG’15 Survives Shark Tank: Belize

Nathan Krishnamurthy WG’15 is Wharton’s latest and most famous shark attack survivor; his recent snorkeling escapades minting him new MBA-lebrity status and earned him bad-ass Belizean scars for life, forever attesting to how seriously he takes his leisure time. Although Nate bit off the greatest amount of notoriety from our Belize Fall Break trip, fellow

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Oktoberfest Trek Top 10

Relive the top moments from the land of beer, blondes and brezeln As I and 65 of my fellow second-years return from the toughest Leadership Venture at Wharton – filled with endless days of drinking, gigantic Germans and a complete lack of food for vegetarians – we all are still trying to piece together the


Wharton International Volunteer Program (WIVP) in Vietnam: creating a small, business training curriculum for women entrepreneurs

by Stephanie Kim (P’15) There are few better ways to get to know a new city and culture than by having to get up early and go to work every day. Dressed in business casual and armed with bug spray, our five-person team—Donald Hoang (P’15), Janice Wong (WG’15), Jason Yow (WG’15), Van Tran (WG’15), and


Vets Club Visits Ground Zero

On September 11, 2001 I was in the middle of a pre-flight briefing in USAF pilot training when the terrorist attacks of that day unfolded. As the nation recoiled in the days that followed, the two main questions that loomed were: what would we do to the people responsible and how would we rebuild. Over